Welcome to Black Sheep Farm

Black Sheep Farm is an organic farm, raising sheep on pasture for lamb meat, fibre, and tanned lambskins. The farm is owned and run by Brenda Hsueh, Skyler Radojkovic, and their daughter Emma.

Black Sheep Farm is an agroecological farm, prioritizing soil health, biodiversity, and social justice. The sheep are grazed on pasture using intensive managed grazing, to maximize the positive soil carbon capture benefits of ruminants, while producing meat and fibre from something humans can’t eat, grass.

The farm was started by Brenda Hsueh in 2009, a Canadian-born Chinese woman, who left a financial career in downtown Toronto to start farming. Eventually, she met Skyler, from the farm around the corner, who took an interest in the sheep side of the farm and has been growing it ever since. Their daughter Emma was born in 2017. Together, they want to see farming become the climate crisis saviour it should be, building soils, sequestering carbon, being a moisture sponge, providing habitat for countless species, all while feeding people without exploiting themselves or their employees.

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