Must Read – Michael Pollan article in the NY Times

For those who would like a one stop article explaining why the production of food needs to change, this one by Michael Pollan on Oct. 9 in the NY Times is it. You can read it at:


It is a long article and is definitely worth the read! So much of what’s in the article resonates with all the reasons why I’m currently at Everdale and am now looking seriously for land so that I can start farming next season. While the demand for organic and locally grown food is on the rise, that doesn’t mean that people will start farming that way quickly enough to meet that demand. I’m not so foolish as to believe that I will produce enough food in my first year of farming to make any sort of an impact on the Ontario food economy. But my hope is that in 5 to 10 years, my farm will be producing enough food to support a community. For the sake of Ontario’s long-term food security, we’d better hope that there are a lot more people out there like me who actually want to get into sustainable agriculture, despite all the obstacles. And I certainly hope that the various levels of the Canadian government will start to act more on securing Canada’s long-term food security. While Pollan’s article is written to the next U.S. president, the same message needs to be heard by our next prime minister.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And remember to participate in democracy at the polls tomorrow!

This is the story of my journey into sustainable agriculture. From the streets of downtown Toronto, to the farm land of southern Ontario, I hope to discover the techniques and practices that work for me in both mind and heart.

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