After 12 years…finally, a real website for the farm!

When I first left Toronto in 2008 to start a new life in farming, I started writing a blog on Blogspot, to keep friends, family and other interested parties updated on what I was learning and doing along the way. That blog became the farm’s de facto website with the addition of information pages (Contact/FAQ/etc.), which were updated with some static text about once a year (mostly changing dates). With the Covid-19 pandemic and having the first large enough batch of yarns to sell, it was time to make a proper website, with a store, which is what you’re seeing now!

I hope you all enjoy the new website, which has a bit more information about what we stand for here. There’s also now a place to post any articles about the farm in the media, which are kind of fun to share. There are more documents to upload here when I get a chance to scan the cutout pages ;P Old technology, new technology…both have a place here at the farm.

And yes, you can order yarns and lambskins through the on-line store! It’s not as automated as most other stores, in terms of credit card payment, Paypal, etc., but then, fulfillment of your order is a far from automated process too. Anyone who orders products from the on-line store will benefit from me being able to see if their address is within the weekly vegetable CSA routes, and might save on shipping costs as a result.

As the library of blog posts and comments were loaded into this new site, I had a chance to read or re-read comments dating back to the beginning of the blog. I realize now that I’ve actually missed a whole bunch of comments! Not sure why I never saw them as part of the whole Blogspot system, but I definitely don’t remember more than half of what I’m seeing now. I would have responded to a lot of them if I had known they were there. Oh well, hopefully with this new website, comments won’t be lost to me. I do appreciate them all!

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