The farm evolution revolution continues

And here we are at the start (ok, I know, it’s now March) of another year. Another year of uncertainty due to Covid, and further geopolitical conflict with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The IPCC also just released another report about the climate crisis which doesn’t exactly read hopeful. But what is one to do? Curl […]

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Hmmm…it takes a coronavirus pandemic for me to take the time to write a blog post. As any of you who have children know, having young children (Emma’s turning three in May) means you have no free time. Or actually, no time in general. Especially now as day cares are all closed. I’m not going

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Winter work

I’m sitting at my dining table, looking out the window at the snow falling, writing this blog post as procrastination from putting my tax numbers together for last year ;P I’m hoping to measure out my lower field soon with the help of Mark who’s visiting the farm this week. It will be good to

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