Straight twill fabric


100% Wool, Ontario grown and processed
– Sold by the 1/2 yard
– 43″ wide
– just under 7 ozs per half yard

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This 100% Wool fabric is a dream come true. Before this farm was even started, Brenda dreamed of making fabric from her own sheep’s wool, and after almost 15 years of farming, it’s finally here. First, there needed to be enough sheep, to have enough raw fleece. Then there needed to be a mill which had a mechanized loom which could weave the fabric. Wave Fibre Mill received their dobby loom in early 2023, and by September 2023, Black Sheep Farm had fabric. We’ve been waiting to release this fabric for sale, for the right debut, the correct cost of production, and that time is finally here.
Just like our yarns, this fabric is warm, lustrous and durable. It would be ideal for mid to outer layer accessories and garments. Brenda had a skirt made, which is pictured. Gray’s Toronto has made cropped jackets with it. The seamstresses who sewed the garments say the fabric feels like it’s living. The fleeces are minimally scoured, so the fibres still have some lanolin. And the bloom of the yarns mean stitch lines can be picked out, the garment altered, and the fabric looks like new. This is the fabric for the making of heirloom pieces, which can be passed down, taken in, let out, altered to suit the next wearer.
Spun and woven at Wave Fibre Mill near Parry Sound, Ontario, this special fabric has been fully grown and processed within Ontario using regenerative farming and processing practices. Two weaves were made, straight twill and herringbone.
Pricing is by the half yard and you can order by half yard increments. So a quantity of 2 would be 1 yard.
Technical specifications:
100% Wool, Ontario grown and processed
– 43″ wide
– just under 7 ozs per half yard
Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 109 × 46 × 0.2 cm


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