I’m back!

To the blog that is…I never left the farm! In fact, I was probably on farm more hours last year than any previous year, since I was home with baby Emma and had the farm’s employee, Michelle, making the vegetable deliveries to the GTA all season. So, having a baby and managing the farm during […]

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When being cheap isn’t worth it

Today, I got the south end of my farm fenced. 1000+ feet of cedar posts and page wire. All installed in one day by my neighbour, a professional fencer, with his crew and a back hoe mounted post driver. They finished the entire fence in one day. I could have put in this fence myself…bought

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New farm manager hired for 2017!

After some phone interviews in January with some delightful applicants, I’m happy to announce that Michelle Lawrence will be joining me at Black Sheep Farm this year to make sure lots of veggies are planted and harvested for this year’s vegetable CSA members! Michelle comes highly recommended by another vegetable farm in my area, so

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A tough, hot, dry season

I’m not going to lie, this growing season is hard. It’s hard because it’s soooo hot! I know most people like a hot and sunny summer, but for those of us who work outside 8-10 hours a day, this summer has been brutal. And it has also been dry. Drought dry. My area is better

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Vegetable CSA membership…Value proposition?

I do not market my farm’s vegetable CSA membership as a financial value proposition.The pricing of individual vegetables in the boxes are never as cheap as vegetable prices at No Frills, though lately, seem to be a better value than vegetable prices at mid/high level grocery chains (Loblaw, Whole Foods). The point of joining a

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Celebrating Earth Day every day

Happy Earth Day everyone! Makes me remember a couple of Earth Day t-shirts that I used to pull out especially to wear on April 22 when I was a teenager…may even still have them in a box somewhere. Strangely enough, these days, Earth Day creeps up on me and I’m reminded to recognize it when

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Thoughts on Glyphosate to end the year

Well, yet again, an entire season has gone by with no blog posting on my part. I will post a review in the new year, but for now, let’s just say that I’d like to leave 2014 as a vegetable growing season behind me and really hope there’s more sunshine, literally, in 2015 ;P In

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